the jordan family foundation danbury nyc 

In 2022 Kevin Jordan and Kristin Kearns-Jordan established the Jordan Family Foundation, whose mission is to advance equity and innovation in the schools of Danbury, CT and New York City so that students will graduate prepared to meet their goals in education, career, and community.

The first program of the new foundation is a four-year scholarship program of $5,000 per year to support Danbury, CT students. It is a need-based award that supports the college and career aspirations of young leaders in the Danbury community. The foundation has witnessed the leadership of Danbury’s young people and seeks to get behind them as they use their talents and their voices to contribute to positive change in the world. Students will be selected in their junior year (and in their senior year in 2023) and provided with mentoring as they apply to and attend college, in addition to the financial support. Over time the program will become a community of young leaders, many of them the first in their families to attend college, who support one another through college and into careers.

The foundation trustees are grateful to all of our community partners in Danbury who are lifting this program off the ground, and especially want to shout out the team at Latinos for Education Advocacy and Diversity (LEAD), without whose support it would not be happening. We look forward to getting to know students and families over the coming years, and to building a program together that meets the needs of the Danbury community.


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