In Danbury Connecticut

Why has the Charter school not been opened in Danbury CT.


The state department of education took out an RFP to apply for a Charter School.


Community hearing  letters from business community, community forums. And review all curriculum for the charter application.

October 3, 2018

Prospect Charter School was voted on 19-1 to authorize the Charter School.


Initilizie block, senate is blocked; the house of rep was also blocked by Kenneth Gucker. 

August 2019

New advocacy efforts begin ; fighting for the school to be opened ; prospect begins to hire new staff to try to put together a campaign to pursue the opening. 


Repeat of advocacy due to forcely denial of funds for the school. 

June 2021

The creation of LEAD to bring the community together to advocate for the charter school.


Over 160 community members testified at both \education and appropriations committee 

April 2022

Senator Kushner and Danbury state reps remove seed money to fund the start of the Danbury charter from the budget.