What is a Charter School?

Charter schools are public schools created by school districts, nonprofit organizations, and other entities with the goal of innovating within the public school system.


¨All charter schools are PUBLIC and are NOT allowed to charge Enrollment or Registration¨

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Schools in Connecticut

21 Charter Schools established throughout the state of Connecticut, providing new educational options.

In Danbury

We want better educational opportunities for our City of Danbury community


We see that there is no equity for our students and we are fighting for them


Change the Dual Process

Dual process for Charter School Approval Ended

Charter School Funding

Learn how charter schools get their funds, how it is managed and distributed

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Charter Schools

Connecticut General Statutes § 10-66aa. Charter schools: As used in this section and sections 10-66bb to 10-66uu, inclusive:

“Charter school” means a public, nonsectarian school which is (A) established under a charter granted pursuant to section 10-66bb, (B) organized as a nonprofit entity under state law, (C) a public agency for the purposes of the Freedom of Information Act, as defined in section 1-200, and (D) operated independently of any local or regional board of education in accordance with the terms of its charter and the provisions of this section and sections 10-66bb to 10-66uu, inclusive, provided no member or employee of a governing council of a charter school shall have a personal or financial interest in the assets, real or personal, of the school.

Source: Connecticut Official State Website

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Support the Charter School in Danbury

A Charter School is a high quality school that receives state funding but acts autonomously, helps LEAD support Charter Schools in Danbury.

Latinos for Educational Advocacy and Diversity

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LEAD strives to ensure that students and parents across Connecticut have access to a system of effective schools and programs that are diverse, equitable and put students on a path to succeed in the college and career of their choice.

LEAD will also provide educational opportunities, programs and resources to support a vibrant and well represented community throughout the state of Connecticut.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can charter schools charge enrollment?

No, public charter schools do not charge enrollment or admission fees. Taxpayers pay for the funds through local, state, and federal taxes.

Are charter schools non-profit organizations?

The organizations, the vast majority of which are nonprofit, are the ones that operate the public charter schools.

Are teachers at charter schools certified?

For the most part, all or most teachers in public charter schools must have a state-issued certificate or license to teach. Each state has its regulations to grant certificates or licenses to teachers; some states allow alternate pathways to certification.